The design process

Our first contact will include a site visit and discussion of what you want to achieve. At this stage it is useful to have an idea of budget because this will define what is possible. It may be the re-design of a few borders, or a complete garden design from scratch including paths, terraces and so on.

If we agree to proceed then a second site visit will be needed to do all the measuring and surveying. Following more detailed discussion with you, an outline plan will be suggested to incorporate any specific requirements you may have. Following this a detailed plan is produced to include details of plants and hard landscaping features. The design cost will be given at this stage. The cost of any construction will involve a tendering process from local reputable hard landscapers – see below.

Producing planting plans

I am a member of Shoot Gardening that enables me to produce professional planting plans with pictures and details of all the plants proposed. If required a monthly maintenance programme for the plants can be emailed for a small additional cost. I can also supply plants at £ cost plus 15% which is generally well below garden centre prices.

The garden construction

I leave the hard landscaping to specialists and will ensure you get at least two quotes from reputable companies. Depending on what you require, this tends to be the major cost of the overall design project.